I think I haven’t mentioned on this blog that I, along with my good friend Aivi Cruz, am doing the design of a proposed residential project in Bulacan.

The house shall sit in the middle of a Mango Farm where the owners envision themselves retiring in the future. It is a big house on a big, big lot (or at least a portion of it) and I can honestly say that it has been challenging so far. I won’t say anything much about the project yet except that the owners do not want to go for a modern design. They want it cozy, grand and Mediterranean.

We are still under the schematic phase – meaning, everything is initial and is subjected to approval. This also means revision after revision after revision. Just to have something to share for today, you can see below an initial facade study. It was a rejected scheme but I think it is share-worthy all the same. We are still developing the new revised scheme but I am already looking forward to it. The roof will be steeper and more prominent and it will consist of one grand roof instead of subdivided ones.


Wish us luck!