About Me

This section needs updating. In the meantime, read what my 2012 self have to say.


I’m Maricar de Dios, 21, from the Philippines.

Doesn’t that sound so Ms. Universe.

But seriously now.

I’m an architect with a big dream of going to places. I have been constantly finding my way ever since I graduated Cum Laude from the University of the Philippines, Diliman with a degree in Architecture in tow. However, I’m still lost and confused. I have no idea how to get anywhere.

In the meantime, I thought, why not blog?

I started “putting myself out there” with my Lookbook account way back 2011. Being the girl that I am, I drool over every pretty outfit and the self-centered bit of me wants to have it all. To satiate such a longing, I joined an online fashion community and it became my biggest source of inspiration. I am not as active now as I was back then, sadly, but I want to rekindle.

About the same time, only a little later, I created a blog where I kept all memories of my college senior self. When I graduated April 2012, I knew I needed a blog face lift — that’s when maricardedios.com happened. This self-titled blog is a product of a little bit of my imagination and so much of my aspirations. Crazy as it may sound I hope it helps lead me to where I’m supposed to go. Fingers crossed.

So I guess that’s how I began, my little history. But if you ask me, I’m just beginning.

As for my journey, I was recently told that “life isn’t a race” and that I should “take things day by day”. So I guess I’ll get there when I get there.