About Me




Cum Laude. Board 10th Placer.

I am a BS Architecture graduate of the country’s premier state university, University of the Philippines, Diliman.

In 2012, with latin honors under my belt, I entered the corporate world and apprenticed for one of BCI Asia’s Top 10 Architecture firms in the PH where I was given opportunities to work on multi- billion commercial and mixed-used projects by top developers in the country.

Two years into the apprenticeship, I took the Architecture Board Exam and bagged the 10th place top spot out of the 1,100 passers at the time. Three months later, I got another license in a related field. Today, I am both a licensed Architect and Master Plumber.

Currently, I am currently working my way up the corporate world while venturing into yet another artistic passion – 3D Visualization.



Local. International.

I am a self-taught 3D renderer with extensive knowledge and practice in Sketchup, Vray for Sketch-Up, Photoshop and Lightroom.

What started as a small side job producing presentation images and perspectives for local thesis projects bloomed into a steady and promising 3D Viz business catering to various international real estate developers and architecture/interior firms. I had my huge break as a partner in a New Zealand based 3D Rendering Company, Dee Dee Studio. We have been collaborating in bringing our clients renders with high attention to details and precise application of materials and specification since 2013.

As my portfolio and experience grew, I got the chance to get small and big professional and academic projects in the PH, UK and US. Currently, I am a 3D renderer at one of the largest interior firms in Florida, Interiors by Steven G. I also had the chance to work with designers from Steinberg Architects, Los Angeles to produce high- quality 3D rendered images.

Today, I have done a few Sketchup and 3D Rendering Seminars for students and professionals who wanted to learn the craft. In the future, I dream to build and expand my own 3D Viz Studio to continue old partnerships and build new relationships with the Architecture and Real Estate Communities here and abroad.



Frustrated Model and Blogger

In 2011, I tried fashion blogging. However, what started as a hobby styling and modeling clothes sadly remained as, well, a hobby. Despite putting my professional fashion modeling and styling dreams into rest, I still put together photo shoots for myself every year with the help of friends. Embarrassingly, I am still that crazy, young girl who daydreams of seeing herself in a billboard or magazine (say what).

Admittedly, I was a lost and confused soul straight out of college. Like any millennial out there, I know I dream to go to places I just do not know how to get there. In 2012, while figuring things out, I created maricardedios.com as a keeper of all the things Fashion and Architecture I plan to create. Why not blog, I thought. And then they say things happen for a reason. True enough, my fashion blogging dream led me to the creation of this website which is probably the best decision I have done in my early adult life. Turned out, I created for myself the perfect niche to put my Architecture and 3D Visualization works out there for the world to see. People started to notice. One thing led to another, now here I am feeling significantly less lost and confused.

As for the places I want to go? I know the journey is going to be long and hard but I think I’m getting there. Wish me luck!