Outsourcing 3D Rendering Services

Imagine you have a deadline and you have a very limited time to finish your design and a kick-ass presentation. With your floor plans, elevations, details and specifications ready, you only have one more problem: you do not know how that render button works, or you are just too swamped with work you wish someone else can do the visualizations for you.

Imagine you want to develop and sell properties. You can already see how the building will stand once you start working on it, you can already see people entering the lobby, lounging by the pool, relaxing in the bedroom. However, you need marketing materials to help potential clients visualize the space. You need inspiring and inspirational images to help attract buyers. This, in turn, will make your real estate developing endeavor a success.

Imagine you are a corporate interior or architecture firm. Rendering isn’t a major component of your company but you still need rendered images anyway. You can just imagine hiring trained 3d visualization artists, availing licensed software, adding powerful hardware and you just feel it may not be worth it. You need quality 3d renderings fast, you need them cost effective.


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Las Colinas

I think I haven’t mentioned on this blog that I, along with my good friend Aivi Cruz, am doing the design of a proposed residential project in Bulacan.

The house shall sit in the middle of a Mango Farm where the owners envision themselves retiring in the future. It is a big house on a big, big lot (or at least a portion of it) and I can honestly say that it has been challenging so far. I won’t say anything much about the project yet except that the owners do not want to go for a modern design. They want it cozy, grand and Mediterranean.

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What’s Keeping Me Busy Lately?

I vowed not to go on weeks with posting anything on this humble blog… but I guess I just broke that… AGAIN. Oh, damn it.

I usually go MIA when I suddenly get projects with impossible deadlines. Career growth first before cyber visibility, yes? I’m always keeping in mind that work is a blessing and that’s especially true when the said work can help a great deal in my learning process.

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