Outsourcing 3D Rendering Services

Imagine you have a deadline and you have a very limited time to finish your design and a kick-ass presentation. With your floor plans, elevations, details and specifications ready, you only have one more problem: you do not know how that render button works, or you are just too swamped with work you wish someone else can do the visualizations for you.

Imagine you want to develop and sell properties. You can already see how the building will stand once you start working on it, you can already see people entering the lobby, lounging by the pool, relaxing in the bedroom. However, you need marketing materials to help potential clients visualize the space. You need inspiring and inspirational images to help attract buyers. This, in turn, will make your real estate developing endeavor a success.

Imagine you are a corporate interior or architecture firm. Rendering isn’t a major component of your company but you still need rendered images anyway. You can just imagine hiring trained 3d visualization artists, availing licensed software, adding powerful hardware and you just feel it may not be worth it. You need quality 3d renderings fast, you need them cost effective.


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Remember Block 7 Apartments from 2013? The following interior and exterior renderings are for the same developer. You will notice an almost a recurring theme from Block 7 in the interior of these following units. The client specifically wanted bright, white rooms with a few touches of bold colors. What do you think?

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Allen Road

I am not proud of this – I haven’t blogged in three months. I can tell you that a LOT has happened in between – Christmas, New Year, my trips to Boracay and Cebu, my 24th birthday, and the list goes on. Sorry for not being able to share those moments with you. I am always having a hard time keeping up with social media, forgive me. You should probably check out my instagram (@maricardedios). I guess that gets to be the most updated these days.

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Long Bay Drive

Ever thought of digitally editing yourself with a new ‘do every time you wanted to try out a different hair cut or color? How about exploring new apps that let you try on different clothes without actually removing what you currently have on? Those are girly things girly girls do to make sure what they have in mind actually looks good. But this digital advantage must not be limited to vanity’s sake. How about I show an application in Architecture?

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Thesis Rendering: MA at SCI-Arc, Los Angeles

I have been doing undergraduate thesis renderings for two years now (see 2013 and 2014). Ever since I posted my undergrad thesis last 2012 and some sample works, I have received requests from students to help out with the visualization of (arguably) the most important design output of their undergrad years. Until a few months back, my thesis rendering commissions were limited to those from BS Architecture students here in Manila.

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