I have been doing undergraduate thesis renderings for two years now (see 2013 and 2014). Ever since I posted my undergrad thesis last 2012 and some sample works, I have received requests from students to help out with the visualization of (arguably) the most important design output of their undergrad years. Until a few months back, my thesis rendering commissions were limited to those from BS Architecture students here in Manila.

However, around August this year, I was contacted by a couple of graduate students taking up Master of Architecture in Southern California Institute of Architecture, Los Angeles to do some Vray rendering and mostly Photoshop post processing of their graduate theses. Never thought this blog would reach that part of the world! The best thing is, they love what I do and they asked me to add some of my personal touches to their presentation materials.

I always say this – when it comes to thesis renderings, I do an artistic rendition rather than a realistic one. You’ll see just that in the following images from the two theses I worked on:

By LeylaNaz Behbahani


By Roodbeh Mirzaei


Glad to have worked on these projects! Also nice to get a glimpse of the creative process of students from a different part of the world. 🙂