Hello, 2014!

Without hesitation, I’m going to declare 2013 as my greatest year so far!

The past year was filled with opportunities and blessings that I cannot thank God (and my lucky stars) enough for the many chances to prove my worth, enhance my talents and skills and make the people around me happy –  especially my family. What served as a big instrument for this successful year is this blog. It opened doors for me to be seen and recognized by some people across the world. It is exhilarating.

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Terraz + Chocolatier

I don’t blog much about food but when I do, I blog months too late.

Although I am trying to stay focused on blogging about my personal style and about architecture design/rendering, I decided to include something that concerns food and restaurants as a breather!

Looking for a good place in Makati to hang out with your friends — sans the loud music and partying? I recommend Terraz at 3rd floor of the Zuellig Building and Chocolatier along Jupiter street.

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