2012 In Retrospect

December 31, 2010, I started a blog. It was about the same time as this, I was writing down a post with the sound of fireworks in the background. How nostalgic.

Two years later, gladly, I still have a blog. Although I have an entirely different direction with blogging back then – I vowed to make it a personal diary and never a fashion blog – this and that blog served a similar purpose, to give me something to look back at at least once every 12 months as a reminder of the wonderful year that passed. So with only a few hours left for 2012, let me do just that tonight. Trip down to memory lane, anyone?

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I never knew December could be sooooo much fun in the corporate world – because I think we are boring like that, slaves and all. I’m kidding. (Please don’t fire me. Haha.)

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December. Oh, December. Isn’t it the craziest month of the year? I’m sure you agree. I don’t have to explain myself then for being such an absentee blogger. Oh, I have to? Naah, you got me. 🙂

To make it up to my beloved blog and to people who actually check out this site for updates (close friends, I’m talking about you guys haha), I’m going to start off with this set of photos from my lovely goddaughter’s baptism.

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