Ronac Art Center

A friend asked me to help him get his winning shot of one of the most interesting buildings in Manila  to date – the Ronac Art Center.

Honestly, I don’t frequent the area and I have only heard about the building in passing from friends. Finally I was able to experience it myself and all I can say, it’s indeed unique and fresh! No doubt it has been one of the most favored architectural subjects and photo shoot locations. Note to self: Don’t miss this, you cam whoring you.

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Le Boyfriend and I

Have I told you about my boyfriend? I guess not as much as I would want to. He’s kind of a private person and he doesn’t want to be dragged into this kind of lifestyle. I’m kidding. What lifestyle? HAHA.

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PMS: Passion Meets Style

Weeks ago, I received the most awesome e-mail I can receive from a reader. It was from Jen Semira and she has the sweetest words for me and my blog. Her message made me appreciate my blogging even more ( ’cause most of the time I just get frustrated with what I write.. and can’t write, or buy or wear or do).

She recognizes my passion to succeed and achieve.

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Do you know Popoy and Basha? Then you must know the restaurant! You know, the restaurant where some of the best scenes in the movie happened. Haha. One More Chance fan much? Well, I must admit, I liked the movie. 🙂

Forgive me food enthusiasts out there, I know the restaurant can stand on its own without any reference to a local movie. It has been around since 1999 and it serves the best Italian food in the Metro, or at least one of the few restaurants which does. Coupled with great ambiance, it is a definite must-try! I’m happy we chose Bellini’s for our monthly dinner, which happened August 3, which is a bit too late for July, but whatever. 🙂Roberto Bellini, the restaurant owner.Surprisingly sweet wine, on the house 🙂The exact table from the movie! Lucky the place was almost empty when we arrived. Then it got packed afterwards, but we were still the last group to leave. 

INSIDE INFO: The exact night and time we were there, Basha herself was in the restaurant as well! She was in one of the private rooms with her real-life boyfriend. Well, that adds to the experience. Haha!

Visit Bellini’s Italian Restaurant at Cubao Expo, Cubao, Quezon City.

P.S. I am excited for our August dinner. We have set the date and Jill, all the way from Taiwan, will be joining us this time! (And Kim must, too) Also, Hiyas ng Arki, I am so looking forward to you! 🙂