I don’t blog much about food but when I do, I blog months too late.

Although I am trying to stay focused on blogging about my personal style and about architecture design/rendering, I decided to include something that concerns food and restaurants as a breather!

Looking for a good place in Makati to hang out with your friends — sans the loud music and partying? I recommend Terraz at 3rd floor of the Zuellig Building and Chocolatier along Jupiter street.

Browse through this photo diary of the night I spent hanging out with my amazing friends from the University one night in June!DSC_0554Zuelling Building! Have you seen this wonderful building yet? I love it especially during the day time.

DSC_0507DSC_0508The ambiance is superb. The place is very suitable for corporate people who do business over lunch/dinner (strategically located also in one of the busiest business districts in Metro Manila) and for group of friends who wanted to eat at somewhere acceptably posh for the night. Ahem.

DSC_0514Ready for the food? Here it goes:

DSC_0529DSC_0531DSC_0532DSC_0535DSC_0537DSC_0547menuI suck at remember dish names so I’d probably suck as a food blogger but to make it up to you, I searched for the restaurant menu. (Thank you, Google!  Haha.) This gives you an idea of the price range of the dishes. A bit expensive but the serving is huge, taste deserves a thumbs up and the plating is really good. Definitely Instagrammable, if I may say. (I don’t have an IG but of course I know a lot of people out there are addicted to it so yeah, you won’t be disappointed.)

DSC_0563DSC_0544DSC_0564OOTD? Maybe not.

After finishing all our savory meals, we headed to a chocolate cafe for desserts. Who doesn’t love chocolates??

DSC_0585 DSC_0574 DSC_0575 DSC_0581The place is indeed a haven for chocolate lovers. Aside from the all-chocolates-menu, they sell a huge variety of sweets.


DSC_0611 DSC_0612Nutella shake for the win! Erin was in heaven. 😛

Hope this made you hungry and left you craving!