Without hesitation, I’m going to declare 2013 as my greatest year so far!

The past year was filled with opportunities and blessings that I cannot thank God (and my lucky stars) enough for the many chances to prove my worth, enhance my talents and skills and make the people around me happy –  especially my family. What served as a big instrument for this successful year is this blog. It opened doors for me to be seen and recognized by some people across the world. It is exhilarating.

With that said, I do feel ashamed for making blogging my least priority the past several months. This blog has become a once-a-month habit and I’m not proud of it. This year, I want to do something about it and I’m starting by not missing this opportunity to create my very first post of the year on the very first day of the year. Goodbye, procrastination!

I may have forgotten to greet everyone of you a MERRY CHRISTMAS but I hope it still isn’t too late to wish you a HAPPY, HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Hope you guys had the best 2013 and let’s join hands in praying for a more beautiful new year.

Hello, 2014! I’m looking forward to your new challenges and adventures. Please be nice!


**Lucky colors according to my Google research are Green and Brown.