I am not proud of this – I haven’t blogged in three months. I can tell you that a LOT has happened in between – Christmas, New Year, my trips to Boracay and Cebu, my 24th birthday, and the list goes on. Sorry for not being able to share those moments with you. I am always having a hard time keeping up with social media, forgive me. You should probably check out my instagram (@maricardedios). I guess that gets to be the most updated these days.

Let me make up to this blog by sharing these long overdue images instead. I remember doing this project October to early November. The whole process took longer than any of the rendering jobs I have encountered so far. Turned out the client was very, very, very specific with the look of each images. The revisions were countless but I am happy with how everything looked in the end. Worth it! Hope you think so too.