PHOTOSHOP 1-2-3: Enhancement of an Exterior Perspective

“Hi Maricar,

I discovered your blog a few weeks ago and as a fellow architectural student/professional I have been really inspired by your work. Your designs are incredibly ambitious and thought provoking to me as you clearly push the boundaries and explore new conceptual ideas, I also think the ambiance and atmosphere you develop in your visualizations are equally as great … I know it’s a big ask but would it be possible for me to send my portfolio online to you for you to critique my work and give a little guidance on how I can replicate the appearance you achieve in your visualizations?

I really appreciate you reading my message, I think your work is exceptional and I look forward to more blog posts, thank you.

Kind regards,

David Banks.”

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Architectural Thesis Rendering

So you have a design. Your vision on how you want to present it has a direction. You fairly know how to do your 3d model and you know how that render button works. What’s lacking? Maybe some extra oomph? Plus, added visualization and better execution wouldn’t hurt too. I think I know what you need!

I was contacted via this blog by some architecture students mid to late January to do some rendering enhancements for their undergraduate theses. February, after all, is the thesis defense month for most. Since PHOTOSHOP-ing photos to life is a favorite hobby, I happily agreed to the job.

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