Choosing a Thesis Topic

My thesis topic? FASHION.

Why? As I once wrote about myself:

“I believe the creativity I possess (how little it may be) is not only limited to the designing of the built environment. Rapidly, a creative passion for all things wearable is developing inside me. Like most girls, I love dressing up. Putting together outfits and experimenting with clothes are things I enjoy so much.”

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Architectural Thesis Rendering

So you have a design. Your vision on how you want to present it has a direction. You fairly know how to do your 3d model and you know how that render button works. What’s lacking? Maybe some extra oomph? Plus, added visualization and better execution wouldn’t hurt too. I think I know what you need!

I was contacted via this blog by some architecture students mid to late January to do some rendering enhancements for their undergraduate theses. February, after all, is the thesis defense month for most. Since PHOTOSHOP-ing photos to life is a favorite hobby, I happily agreed to the job.

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House On Stilts

May 2012: Hotel Studies

A few schemes for the facade of a small boutique hotel I did way back May.

I mainly used Photoshop CS5 for the manipulation of architectural elements resulting to a more artistic than realistic rendition.

It was a renovation of an existing hotel. I was instructed to retain the blue glass wall and to just play around with cladding for easy installation/construction.

Base Modeling and Rendering: SketchUp and Vray

Post Processing: Photoshop CS5