I vowed not to go on weeks with posting anything on this humble blog… but I guess I just broke that… AGAIN. Oh, damn it.

I usually go MIA when I suddenly get projects with impossible deadlines. Career growth first before cyber visibility, yes? I’m always keeping in mind that work is a blessing and that’s especially true when the said work can help a great deal in my learning process.

Recently, I was asked to design a two-storey residence in Imus, Cavite. It’s a small house envisioned to stand in an 80 sqm. lot. It would have been simple and easy if I weren’t required to finish everything – including all building permit documents (architectural, structural, electrical, sanitary) – in two weeks! Finishing all details is one thing, collaborating with all other professionals (architects + engineers) that must be involved is another. BUT, I’m happy to say that I delivered. *pats self on the back*

The fact that it wasn’t my first time to do building permit drawings helped a lot. My first freelance project that required from me the same scope is this two-storey duplex. It was also a great learning experience.


I won’t stay long for now. Even though we already have the permit, real work has just begun. More revisions and detailing to come. Oh, stress. But then again, I’m not complaining. 🙂

I have yet to share the full contents of this project. Watch out for that!

 UPDATE: See the rest of the design project here.