Remember Block 7 Apartments from 2013? The following interior and exterior renderings are for the same developer. You will notice an almost a recurring theme from Block 7 in the interior of these following units. The client specifically wanted bright, white rooms with a few touches of bold colors. What do you think?

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Stonz Jewellers Concept Store Visualization

One week into the ALE, I got this commission: A rendering for Stonz Jewellers concept store.

It was conceptualized and detailed by another group of designers but the owners wanted to get the look of it in 3D so DeeDee Studio was tapped to do the visualization. We were given plans and interior elevations plus some pegs to base our 3D model on. Credits to Reign for helping me out with the SketchUp model.

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High Rise Apartment Visualization

Kids, take your board exam review sessions seriously. You only have to do it once (Hopefully just once. If not, no pressure!) so make it worth it and worth your while.

My mentality before was to drop everything one to two months prior to the exam. Like most, I took a leave from my full-time work to prioritize the studying. However, times get tough (’cause reviewing is so damn expensive!!) and some commitments kept coming so sometimes it is not about priorities but time management. I was lucky enough to work on a couple of rendering gigs during the time.

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Vray Rendering for DeeDee Studio, NZ

One of the highlights of my October is the start of my collaboration with DeeDee Studio, an architectural design and visualization studio in New Zealand. Jonathan Davies, the director, discovered me via this humble blog and we started working together afterwards. I’m happy to be a part of his team even just through e-mail correspondents.

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