Afternoon Muse

I don’t get photographed everyday. Therefore, when an opportunity arises, I always grab the chance to showcase one of the things I love doing — styling. I used to spend time, money and effort shopping for clothes I will use. This time though, I did not have those to spare. Luckily, I have some new purchases from Hongkong and some old stuff I could use. The only item I bought especially for this shoot was the corset top on which I revolved everything else around.

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BTS: May 2012 Photoshoot

About a couple of weeks ago I received an invitation from Ann Sayson, a former classmate in my early Arki years, to model for a photoshoot she wanted to organize for her photographer boyfriend. Aww, sweet supportive girlfriend. How can I say no? It’s about time I update my modeling portfolio. Plus, skills (those I think I have?) were getting rusty.

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HONGKONG 2012: Day Five

Finally, the last day!

Blogging about this trip was laborious. I didn’t expect it will take me more than a week. Hope I haven’t lost you. Are you enjoying so far? Am I hearing a YES? Haha.

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HONGKONG 2012: Day Four

May 15, 2012:


Macau interests me ever since I have seen it in some episodes of Boys Over Flowers (yes, I used to watch those types of shows). Now it was some kind of a dream come true to be able to go there in person.

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