The New StyleStunner Manila

Remember Style Stunner Manila? Of course you do! You have seen me wearing their clothes earlier this year but if you missed it, you can view the mini-photoshoot we had here.

So, what’s up? Well, they have new collections to drool for and they have *dundundun* a new brand identity c/o my most talented friend Daryl Refuerzo! For me, his name is synonymous to logo design (not to mention photography) so I recommended him to my soon-to-conquer-the-online-shopping-industry friend, Pennie, owner of SSM.

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Let’s face it – in today’s world, the perception of people connected to us is hugely based on the photos we share over the internet. Sharing has become a way to give people a chance to see a bit of our lives – either to take a glimpse of our latest travel, to drool over the food we are about to devour or to admire the outfit we have put together for day.ย Although I think our ways and means of socializing have evolved into something a bit.. sad, I won’t deny I also like taking pictures for my blog from time to time.

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Something Borrowed

The following photos do not necessarily reflect my feelings as of the moment of writing.

I was all-smiles here, thinking the sun will continuously shine for the next days or so. A few days later, a majority of the Philippines is once again submerged in flood that we all can’t seem to get rid of. With all the issues in the government today, I can’t help but feel the loss and regret. Our taxes should work for us Filipinos who are suffering from calamities year after year after year and not for a selected greedy few who use the money for nonsense extravagance. But I’m sorry, corruption is another story.

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Something Blue

Whatever happened to my digitally permed hair? It has been 1 month and 12 days so I think it’s about time for an update.

Before that though I just want to say – I regret I was not able to take pictures during the earlier days of the perm. I believe it was the time the curls were still so well defined. Today I have loose waves that, well, I cannot really say I dislike. In fact, I like it a lot that a single photo to show you my look is not enough. I have to take redundant photos to make a point. Sorry if I feel the need to immortalize the sexiest my hair has ever become. LOL.

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