Finally, a Digiperm!

Some girls have dream wardrobes, some have dream boyfriends, I, on the other hand, have my dream hair. Those luscious, curly locks I see on every billboard and magazine – yes, I want those too.

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Choosing a Thesis Topic

My thesis topic? FASHION.

Why? As I once wrote about myself:

“I believe the creativity I possess (how little it may be) is not only limited to the designing of the built environment. Rapidly, a creative passion for all things wearable is developing inside me. Like most girls, I love dressing up. Putting together outfits and experimenting with clothes are things I enjoy so much.”

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A Quick Guide to Corporate Dressing

I started ditching my shorts, shirts and slippers when I graduated from the University a year ago and began investing in polo tops, pencil skirts and black pants when I started working for an architecture firm in the Metro. I think I (and most of the people I know and am close to) am in the phase of my life when I need to start proving myself and making myself known in my profession. Possessing the right talents and skills is the formula to success, along with numerous other things a young professional must consider – projecting a good self-image, for example.

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Take a Bow

I am not putting this off any longer (in fact, I’m sorry for taking me three weeks to finish) — here goes my final post Β for myΒ Style Stunner Manila series. Loving the outfits so far? Hoping you do.

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