My blog statistics tells me that two completely unrelated topics are ranked first and second in my most viewed blog posts list.

First placer is my tutorial on SketchUp Vray Rendering. I’ve been concentrating more lately on 3D Visualization posts so I’m glad that’s getting a bit of attention. Ranking second, on the other hand, is my post about my first digital perm experience. Hmm, quite surprising.

I realized then that a lot of girls who are googling “digiperm” have somehow landed on my blog. What can I say, I did all those internet researches as well when I was planning on my first ever digiperm more than a year ago. I am on my second digiperm now and I think it is about time I share my long overdue post-care and styling tips.

I had my first digiperm at Azta Urban Salon, Eastwood last June 2013. I am more than happy with how my hair turned out. It lasted about 10 months until I became too busy that I just started combing my hair out after shower. I guess older curls are a bit harder to maintain and style than new ones that I somehow lost patience. I have to mention that I was reviewing for the board exam during these months. Since April to June I had been wearing my hair wavy. It was straighter but still had those loose waves from the earlier treatment.

After passing my board exam, being a licensed architect and all, I had been itching for a make-over, or anything to make myself look decent again after stressful months of studying and preparations. For a short while I was debating over having my hair cut short (as in short) and going back to those luscious curls that I loved. Needless to say, I still went for the bombshell look (haha).

This time though I went to Beauty Brick.

Mr. Shin of Beauty Brick is a famous name for Korean digital perm and the internet world is raving about his skills and his salon’s good service. Well, the internet is right, as always! I loved Azta Urban Salon but I love Beauty Brick more. The curls are just the way I want them. They have more volume which I like a lot.

A few girls have been asking me how to style the hair after shower. I think I shared a few products that I have used before in my previous digiperm post but I have to say I don’t use them anymore. Not that they are not good ones but I recently switched to a better alternative.


1. SQUEEZE OUT EXCESS WATER. I know some of us are used to rubbing the head with towel to dry out the hair. I recommend against this. What I usually do is just squeeze out excess water. Be gentle.

2. COMB TO REMOVE TANGLES. Has anyone told you to never, ever comb digitally permed hair? Actually you can. Just use a wide toothed comb and do it while your hair is still wet. Those who never combed their hair after perming usually get their hair tangled. Both of the salons I went to told me stories of how some girls needed to have their hair cut just to remove the said problematic mess.

So yeah, comb if you must.

3. SCRUNCH, SCRUNCH, SCRUNCH. It’s the magic word! Divide your hair into parts (I usually do two) and “style by squeezing or crushing it in the hands to give a tousled look”. Do this until you are satisfied with the curls formed and continue doing it a few more times until hair is dry.

But the secret? While you are at step number 3, apply a drop of argan oil on your palms and continue scrunching. Argan oil will make your hair healthy and less damaged from the treatments. I swear this works. I don’t even use special shampoo and conditioner anymore. Just the intensive repair variant of some leading shampoo brands. I also had my hair colored a week after the digiperm treatment so imagine the damage my hair went through. Argan oil saved the day.

Here’s the thing though, argan oil can be expensive. Some brands can cost around 1,500php per 30ml bottle. Some cost less, some more. Now, I am not an expert when it comes to distinguishing the authenticity or purity of each argan oil bottle. I, however, tried and liked Instant Glow Morocco Argan Oil  that is available in all SM Beauty Stores and Watsons. I tried it after reading some good reviews over the net but the main reason is its affordability at 1,199php for a 100ml bottle. By the way, you can use this premium oil on practically all parts of your body – face, body, hair. I like it on my skin too but that’s another story.

My friend Aivi Cruz also offers a cheaper alternative. Contact her at 09175680957 if you are interested.

4. FLAUNT. Need I say more? Best thing is, no need to retouch or restyle within the day. 1a